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When you (“You”) book a vacation rental published on directly on this site that your reservation is expressly accepted by You and by the host (the “Host”) (a “Reservation”) and that you have made this Reservation via the Beeroom Payment Procedure, You are covered by the Book with Confidence Guarantee (the “Program”) provided that You meet all the other eligibility conditions as set out in these General Conditions (the “General Conditions”). When you make an online Reservation via the Beeroom Payment Procedure, You agree to be subject to the terms of these General Conditions, and You will hereinafter be referred to as a “Protected Holidaymaker”.

As detailed and defined below, the Program provides coverage in the following situations: (i) Internet fraud; (ii) Unjustified refusal to access the rental; (iii) Substantial Deception; and (iv) Unjustified Loss of Security Deposit (“Covered Events”).

All the terms appearing with an initial capital letter have the same meaning as that stipulated in the General Conditions of Use for Holidaymakers, unless otherwise indicated in these General Conditions of the Program.

1. General Principles of the Program

You are eligible for the Program if you have completed all of the following steps:

  • You book a vacation rental published on the Beeroom Site;
  • You book online by completing the Beeroom Site payment process (the “Beeroom Payment Process”); and
  • You pay for this Reservation by one of the payment methods accepted on the payment page (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards).

You will benefit from the coverages offered by the Program if the following elements are met:

  • You suffer a financial loss in the event of the occurrence of a Covered Event (a “Loss”);
  • You notify MMedia Ltd (“Beeroom”, “We”, “Our”) of such loss within the time limits set forth below;
  • You are refused reimbursement for the Loss both by (i) the Host (ii) your bank, your payment provider or your credit card issuer (as applicable); and
  • You submit a refund request under the Safe Booking Guarantee (the “Refund Request”) duly completed by you within the time limits set out below.
2. Coverage offered

Subject to the restrictions and limitations set out in these General Conditions, the Program offers the following coverages to Protected Vacationers who have suffered a Loss in the event of a Covered Event occurring (it being understood that the specific cover or the combination of covers offered to the Protected Vacationer depends on the type of Event Covered, the amount of the Loss, the ability to mitigate this Loss):

  • Emergency accommodation. If a Protected Holidaymaker finds himself without accommodation following a Covered Event, We will do our best to help them find and book other accommodation online, depending on availability at the time, for a maximum of three (3 ) overnight stays.
  • Protection against unjustified cancellations. If a Protected Holidaymaker’s Booking is unjustifiably canceled, We will provide online assistance so that the Protected Holidaymaker can book another holiday rental published on the Beeroom Sites, if a substantially similar property is available for the same period and due to a new reservation.
  • Refund of Loss. If a Protected Holidaymaker suffers a Loss which, in Our opinion, can only be compensated by a monetary refund, We will reimburse the Protected Holidaymaker up to the amount of such Loss, subject to the provisions of the “Procedure” section below. after.
3. Covered Events

A Protected Holidaymaker is covered in the event of the following Events:

(a) “Internet fraud”: means a deposit or payment made by a Protected Holidaymaker for a vacation rental offered on the Beeroom Site when: (i) Beeroom has been able to establish that such a deposit or payment has been made to a third party, other than the Host, such third party having compromised or taken control of the Host’s email address or Beeroom account and who impersonated the Host with the Protected Holidaymaker for the purpose of receiving its own account such payment, (ii) We have been able to establish that such payment was made for the benefit of the Host but also that it has since been wrongly retained (in the sense that the Host fails or refuses to reimburse this payment at maturity according to the terms of the rental contract, even though the Protected Holidaymaker has duly canceled their Booking), or (iii) it has been established that the advertisement in question was fraudulent;

(b) “Unjustified Refusal to Access Rental” means that the Protected Vacationer after paying a security deposit (if required) and / or full payment (if required) to a Host for a rental of holiday offered on the Beeroom Site, (i) the Protected Holidaymaker was unjustifiably refused access to said holiday rental at the start or during the reservation period due to an intentional and / or unlawful act of the Host, and (ii) the security deposit and / or payment (or part thereof) paid by the Protected Holidaymaker has not been refunded and is improperly retained by the Host. As an example of such a covered Event, let us cite the case where the Host has “over-booked” the vacation rental in question for the same period (s) by offering it to two different Vacationers. , or even more.

(c) “Substantial Deception” means (i) that the Protected Vacationer has made a deposit (if required) and / or full payment to a Host for a vacation rental offered on the Beeroom Site, (ii) that, within twelve (12) hours of entering the premises on the first day of the period of the expected stay, and before leaving the vacation rental, the Protected Holidaymaker calls Customer Service to inform Beeroom that he refuses to occupy it due to a Material Non-Conformity (as defined below) of the vacation rental compared to the description made on the online advertisement on the Beeroom Site; (iii) that the deposit and / or payment made by the Protected Holidaymaker is not refunded or is improperly retained by the Host, and (iv) that We subsequently confirm the existence of such No -Material compliance of the vacation rental.

“Substantial Non-Compliance” means (i) any substantial anomaly within the vacation rental in question, which anomaly is not indicated in the advertisement and is of such magnitude and duration that occupancy places under normal conditions of use is impossible, as noted and documented by a Protected Holidaymaker, and / or (ii) the non-functioning or total absence of goods, services or amenities forming part of the holiday rental in question, which are mentioned in the advertisement and which were one of the reasons which really and significantly prompted the Protected Vacationer to rent the vacation rental in question, as noted and documented by the Protected Vacationer. For the avoidance of doubt, and in addition to the general restrictions and limitations detailed elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, the term “Substantial Non-Compliance” DOES NOT INCLUDE a Protected Holidaymaker’s refusal to take possession of the vacation rental that he reserved in view or by reason (i) of the cleanliness of the property; (ii) minor or insignificant distortions between the beneficial ownership and the description made of it on the advertisement, in particular, any distortions concerning: (1) the actual geographical location of the property; (2) the fact that the actual total living area deviates negligibly from what is stated on the advertisement; and (3) any breakdown or temporary anomaly in the vacation rental in question or affecting ancillary services (such as a breakdown of the air conditioning system, the Internet or telephone access service, the barbecue, the jacuzzi or swimming pool, for example), or (iv) any other problem indirectly related to the vacation rental, such as any problem related to the neighborhood, neighborhood or immediate surroundings.

(d) “Unjustified Loss of Security Deposit” means any loss suffered by a Protected Vacationer as a result of a dispute between him, as a Protected Vacationer, and the Host of a vacation rental offered on the Beeroom Site, which dispute concerns a security deposit which, at the end of the Protected Holidaymaker’s stay, was, in Our sole judgment, improperly retained by the Host in violation of the applicable rental agreement.

4. Illustrative Examples of Uncovered Losses

Here are some examples, not exhaustive, of Loss of Funds that the Program DOES NOT cover:

  • Any payment made to a Host for a Booking that is not made online through the Beeroom Site Payment Process.

  • Any security deposit or payment for a vacation rental that has not been refunded or returned because the Protected Holidaymaker has not complied with the Host’s rules, violated the rental agreement or for any other justified reason or authorized under the rental agreement.

  • Any payment or Security Deposit made to a Host by unacceptable means of payment, such as cash, check, or any payment that appears to us to be suspicious or fraudulent.

  • Any loss of any kind where We are led to believe, based on our analysis, that the Protected Holidaymaker and the Host are seeking to abuse the Program.

  • Any loss of funds caused by or resulting from events beyond Beeroom’s control, which events are commonly referred to as “force majeure”, such as for example climatic phenomena, natural disasters or construction sites .

  • Any loss of funds that is not the direct result of a Covered Event.

5. Procedure

To obtain reimbursement of a Loss under the Program, the Protected Holidaymaker must meet the cumulative conditions below. If these conditions are not met or if any action is taken which has the effect of hindering Beeroom’s ability and / or its right to mitigate such Loss, or in the event of any false or misleading statement by a Protected Vacationer regarding a claim for reimbursement under this Program the right of the Protected Vacationer to obtain such reimbursement under the Program may be waived.

(a) Proof of Non-Reimbursement of Losses. At our request, a Protected Holidaymaker must provide Beeroom with written proof that the Protected Holidaymaker’s funds have not been collected or reimbursed (and will not be) by the bank (s), the supplier. payment service provider, or the issuer of their credit card (as the case may be). In order to minimize his Loss, the Protected Holidaymaker is required to accept any payment or partial payment from the bank (s), the payment provider or the issuer of his credit card (as the case may be), but he remains entitled to an additional reimbursement under the Program up to the fraction of the total amount of the Loss that would not have been reimbursed by the bank (s), the payment provider.

(b) Proof of Identity. The Protected Holidaymaker must provide all written proof of his identity (for example copy of passport, driver’s license, electricity and heating bill, data relating to a credit card, etc.) that We may require. We reserve the right to determine whether the identity documents presented are valid and valid.

(c) Proof of Reservation. At Our request, the Protected Holidaymaker must provide a copy (electronic or paper) of their Booking code or of the confirmation sent by the Beeroom Site when the Protected Holidaymaker initially booked the vacation rental online via the Beeroom Payment Procedure. In addition, We will also need to be able to verify the Reservation as it appears in Beeroom’s records.

(d) Proof of Acceptance of the Reservation. At Our request, the Protected Vacationer must provide proof that the Host has accepted their Reservation and that the Vacationer has paid for the Reservation in question. Such proof may require that You provide supporting documents, such as copies of emails or proof of telephone, written or other communications with the Host regarding the Booking.

(e) Proof of Payment. Upon request, the Protected Holidaymaker must provide written proof of any payments or refunds (partial, full and / or a security deposit) made for the benefit of the Host. The accepted payment methods are in particular the following: payment methods accepted on the payment page (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards).

(f) Document the Loss. At Our request, the Protected Holidaymaker must provide any required written documentation regarding lost or misappropriated funds. The Protected Holidaymaker shall provide written proof that the Host has received the Protected Holidaymaker’s funds, has been notified of the Protected Holidaymaker’s request for reimbursement and has refused or failed to return or refund the funds in question to the Protégé Holidaymaker. You must not alter or destroy any documentation relating to lost or misappropriated funds until the dispute in question is resolved.

(g) Notification Obligation. The Protected Holidaymaker must notify Beeroom within thirty (30) working days of the first event giving rise to the Protected Holidaymaker’s request for reimbursement under the Program, either (i) by e-mail sent to customer support, or (ii) by post addressed to the Guarantee Reservation in Confidence team.

(h) Filing of a Refund Request. The Protected Vacationer must complete, sign and return to Us the Refund Request along with all required documentation within six months of the first day of Your stay at the vacation rental in question. In the event that a complete Refund Request is not submitted within this period, any refund request will be deemed refused. The completed and sent Refund Request must mention the Protected Holidaymaker’s agreement that

(i) any payment to which Protected Holidaymaker is eligible under the terms of the Program will only be payable to the extent that the amount of any other coverage resulting from an insurance policy or any other source of personal recovery of the Protected Holidaymaker or collectible by the latter is insufficient for the Protected Holidaymaker to be fully reimbursed for his Loss;

(ii) in the event that We reimburse You under the Program, You agree that We assume all of Your rights against the Host and any third party in connection with the Loss, and that We assert such rights directly. or on Your behalf;

(iii) in the event that We reimburse You under the Program and you are subsequently reimbursed for Your Loss by the Host, an insurance company or any other third party, You will reimburse Us immediately for the amount of such refund ; and

(iv) You agree to enter into a Settlement Memorandum releasing Us and our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates from all liability with respect to any claims You may have prior to the date of any payment made under the Program. Any reimbursement request submitted under the Program will be processed within a reasonable time after receipt of all required documentation. As indicated above, We recommend that any Protected Holidaymaker requesting a refund not to destroy or alter any document relating to his request for reimbursement, before the dispute has been resolved.

6. Help Us to help you. In any event, if a Protected Holidaymaker requests reimbursement under the terms of the Program, the Protected Holidaymaker agrees to provide Us, as soon as possible, with the documentation required to support such a request. The Protected Holidaymaker also agrees to cooperate fully with Us regarding all aspects of the reimbursement process. We have the right to refuse to reimburse any Protected Holidaymaker who does not provide Us within the allotted time with all the required information about an Alleged Loss.

7. Entire Agreement; Contact details. These General Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Beeroom and each Protected Holidaymaker regarding the Program. With the exception of what could be modified by these General Conditions, each Protected Holidaymaker acknowledges and agrees to be subject to the existing General Conditions of Use of the Beeroom Site, and in particular their provisions relating to the resolution of disputes. In the event of any contradiction (s) between these General Conditions and the General Conditions of Use, these General Conditions shall prevail. For any questions relating to the Program or these General Conditions, please contact us by

(i) email to our customer support team; Where

(ii) the customer support help desk page.

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