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Make your empty rooms a source of additional income

Are your children gone? Is your guest room not so often full? Do you have an empty room that collects dust and serves as a storage room? Why not make these coins a source of additional income? These closed rooms, where we don’t go much, could reopen, and allow you to easily put a little butter in the spinach. And that will not require an immense effort from you: a good spring cleaning, a few clean sheets, a warm welcome! To do this, let Onlysroom guide you and publish your ad now .

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Fill your family nest

Three years ago full of agitation, your nest has become very calm … And yes: the children are gone, your spouse has not eased off at work, and you, you find yourself a little alone in this beautiful family apartment. Never mind: give it a little uproar and atmosphere. Reopen Nicolas and Marie’s rooms to a few students who will be happy to occupy them, and maybe make a little mess.
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Meet new people

Routine: nf I. Habit of acting in the same way… And yes: apartment, partner (on), friends (s), place of residence, job…. Your life is good, to be sure, but slightly routine. So change your habits a bit! Renting a room via Onlysroom means welcoming one, two, three… people, regularly or occasionally, with whom to share a meal or a breakfast… A student, a banker, a couple of foreigners… In short, that’s it. opportunity to bring a little chance into your home, and often it ends with a nice meeting!
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Learn a new language

You need to improve your english? But when to do it, and at what cost? With the active life, the children, the obligations that we already have, it is difficult to take the time to get back to English, even though we know it is necessary. Easy: with Onlysroom, you can treat yourself to a bath at home. Welcome a speaker of the language where you need to progress, and improve your conversation. And yes, you will be able to combine learning with an additional source of income!
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An anti-crisis remedy

With the crisis, we are watching our wallets more and more: worries about the future, price increases, fears for children…. Any expense is a source of stress. Obviously, with the bad numbers that are declaimed every night in the newspaper, it is difficult to regain confidence. Onlysroom is one of those remedies that can help to forget these worries and look more positively at the future. Yes, because your home can become a constant source of income, without the crisis threatening it … So open the doors to your home, and your small business will no longer experience the crisis!
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Finance your little whims

Handbag, cell phone, shirt, digital tablet, gourmet dinner, valuable watch…. To each his own little whims. We feel guilty when we give in to it, but what are we dying of when we see it in the window! Often one-off, these whims justify neither a specific saving, nor an expenditure of the common account… But then, should we give up these little pleasures? No, just find another way to fund them: Onlysroom! By renting one of your rooms , you can crack almost as much as you want …

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Finance the renovation of an apartment

You live in your apartment, maintain it, clean it, pay the expenses … But when the time comes to finance a major renovation, whether it is necessary or of comfort, what should you do? The cash flow is not always there when it comes to paying quotes, supplies and labor. Anticipate or amortize these costs by opening one of your rooms for rent . Thus, the renovation will no longer be a source of stress, it will instead be the occasion for a nice facelift!

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Finance the costs of your second home

Like 10% of French people, you own a second home. And as for 10% of the French, it generates many costs: property tax, boiler, plumbing, roofing, general maintenance, electricity … The pill is all the harder to swallow as on the bottom, you only go a few weeks a year. The rest of the time, the house costs, without paying! By opening the guest room of your main residence for rent, or even by renting your second home from time to time, you can finance all the charges relating to the latter. And have a country house that costs you nothing!
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Pay your bills

Property or housing taxes, gas or electricity bills, condominium charges or just a change… When you live in an apartment, you often expect fixed costs, but certainly not the increase in bills or the simple accident to be repaired. And sometimes, what you have to pay accumulates, without knowing very well how to pay it. Well, Onlysroom allows you to anticipate or simply pay these bills, without straining your budget: simply open a room for rent for the year, month or weekend according to your needs, and thus no longer be stressed by the slightest mail!
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Finance your stay when you go on vacation

A week in Thalasso, a weekend in Rome, a Mediterranean cruise, ten days in New York…. Here are some stays that make more than one dream. And yet, once all the mandatory fees and expenses have been completed, there is often not much left at the end of the month to set aside for a trip. Never mind, Onlysroom is here to help you: plan the times when you want to welcome someone and set the price according to your project. Wait a bit, it will be quickly realized.
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Get off the ground at work

Metro, work, sleep…. The days go by, often look alike, certainly pleasant, but you realize that life goes by quickly, and that you do not have time for your projects, the ones you dreamed of carrying out. So take it easy: with Onlysroom, allow yourself to reduce your activity and at the same time compensate for the shortfall. You decide everything: date, price, deadlines… Now all you have to do is fine-tune your project.
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Trade good practices

+ 30% for 10 years in France, the price of rents has only been racing. Add to this increase the crisis, which puts pressure on wages, and you will know that it is more and more difficult to find accommodation in the big cities. So, do a good deal: if the crisis worries you, know that it is more severely felt by those who for professional or educational reasons have to move or go back and forth. By renting a room , you will supplement your income, while giving someone the opportunity of affordable housing!

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